• Get started in days, not weeks

Start measuring and reducing emissions instantly with our intuitive platform that do not require any special training or hire expensive consultants
Let our technology do the work for you as Trivity will automatically process calculations and generate reports
  • Automate carbon accounting and auditing

Using our highly intricate, credible direct API integrations and efficient AI mapping algorithms, automate your emission data capture. Connect Trivity to your existing work processes

  • Form sustainable communities with experts

Form consortium with our network of leading consultancy firms, environmental experts and sustainability tech partners to develop the right strategy for your business

  • Better Stakeholder Engagement

Involve your stakeholders, ranging from your customers to your employees as our role-based accessibility provide  a sense of ownership and facilitate the benefits of carbon neutrality much more efficiently

  • Calculate precisely

Trivity uses a science and activity based approach that enables precise calculation of the carbon footprint without cutting any corners. We cover all 3 scopes of emissions

  • Iterative certification process

1.In TrinityEco, we recognized that not all frameworks provide certification and certifications can be expensive and time-consuming

Upon completion of your carbon assessment, we provided audited certification for your carbon offsets at flexible yet reasonable pricing

Other products and services


  • Sustainability tools training

  • Recognized by SG universities

  • Sustainability project management

Energy Audits

  • Audit utilities bills and carbon taxation

  • 57 energy audits performed for hospitals and clinics

Where We Are and Upcoming Features (Milestones)

Upcoming Launches: Green Exchange, Green Financing, Report Generation, Sustainability Frameworks Harmonization