Started by three partners, TrinityEco is focused on helping SMEs and investors meet increasing ESG demands through fintech and regtech that helps enhance the profile and processes of companies

Sustainable Company

Founded in 2019, TrinityEco Pte Ltd is an aspiring sustainability tech company in Singapore that provides sustainability reporting products and services for assets, both physical & digital. We have also developed Trivity, a platform that helps to create sustainability reports that encourage collaborations and financing between companies and our corporate partners. Our data analytics platforms help organizations to sustainably scale by providing predictive decision-making & intelligence-backed actions.

Sustainability is a complex ecosystem challenge

TrinityEco recognized the importance of delivering sustainable, data-centric solutions to some of the most complex business and social challenges to governments and multinational organizations to help them to quickly adapt to the changing needs of their customers and suppliers, business ecosystems and their people, while navigating the financial and operational challenges in this dynamic business ecosystem.

Investment Accessibility

Using highly intricate, credible and efficient mapping algorithms, TrinityEco help not-for-profit organizations gain access to funding and technologies that they need to carry out their operations, they will also allow their corporate donors to engage in acts of donation that can boost their CSR profile.

As a result, our platform can improve users’ investment accessibility to sustainable funds as well as improve companies’ traceability, and auditability of sustainability publication, information, and assets.

Who we are

A team of professionals with different skill sets sharing the same understanding that we need to protect our future, today. We want to contribute in whatever ways we can to make any difference possible to turn the tide of a bleak future due to climate change.

Michael Yiin

Michael Yiin is currently the founder of TrinityEco. Throughout his career, He has won the entrepreneurship award in Scotland in the O&G category to start his own company YP Technologies Limited 5 years ago. He have worked with various consultancies such as Sodamind, Valores Global, GAC Enterprise and Cloudzen to consult startups and corporates to explore collaborative opportunities and create business opportunities for their communities.

Elroy Lee

Elroy has been in multiple industries, from the biotech sector, education, technology, food and agriculture in search of the key issues faced by each. These experiences gave me an insight to a larger problem faced by all and that is business sustainability.

Working together with Michael gave him a sense of purpose and an avenue to share what he’s learnt and to create a solution to help companies understand and implement sustainable solutions practically. Businesses should be more than just about making profits, they should be creating a brighter future for the next generation to come.

As the saying goes, we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children. We owe it to them to make the necessary change.


- CTO and tech lead
- Experience in the IT industry. Skills include network management and training.
- More than 10 years of experience in software development
- Experiences in cloud platforms including Windows Azure, AWS


Through our platform’s technology by identification of opportunities and networking opportunities

Create sustainable business communities through connections

We help companies build their profile (Readiness for sustainability, UN SDG goals, Carbon profiling, Sustainability frameworks) and prepare them for green financing and other collaborative opportunities with the goal of helping their communities


To create a better future for the next generation
To grow sustainable communities through local businesses


Help companies identify practical ways to contribute to their communities’ environmental, social and governance needs
Trinity Eco


SME companies who wants to make positive differences within their communities

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They can make a difference to their communites through sustainable practices

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It is possible to adopt a sustainable lifestyle