TrinityEco build sustainability reporting systems for hospitals, data centers and commerical properties with our AI powered platform Trivity

Who is Trinity Eco?

We help companies meet increasing ESG demands through fintech and regtech that helps build and enhance the profile and processes (Readiness for sustainability, UN SDG goals, Carbon profiling, Sustainability frameworks). This prepares them for green financing and other collaborative opportunities with the goal of helping their communities.

Through our user-centric platform’s tech which consists of machine learning and AI, we help companies to assess their climate risks and identify opportunities that can turn costs into revenues through sustainability solutions

Data created on the platform will contribute directly to practical solutions that help companies and their immediate communities with the Environment, Social and Governance requirements of Sustainability.

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What our customers want to achieve

1. Understand if their current business operations and policies are in line with the Environment, Social and Governance aspects of Sustainability

2. Narrow their company’s focus on the main UN SDG goals that they will have the most impact on to make a positive change

3. Find funding and collaborations for ESG compliant projects

4. Improve ESG investment readiness of business via market expansion and increased business tractions

5. Easy and affordable report generation to report to stakeholders
6. Prevention of Greenwashing through quality data
7. Opportunities to monetize data collected
8. Transform organizational approach towards sustainability from a cost centric approach to a value centric one

Sustainability Benchmarking

With its high interoperability, Trivity automate data collection, aggregation and visualisation across all sustainability frameworks using patented machine learning algothrims.

Sustainability Assessments and reporting

We identify sustainability issues and recommend solutions by connecting our clients with our international community of service providers and solutions.

Sustainable Decision making

Our data analytics platforms help organizations to sustainably scale by providing predictive decision making & intelligence backed actions.

The Sustainability Dilemma

Sustainability reporting provide a list of business benefits including.

1. Greater transparency among shareholders
2. Better access to resources
3. Improved Innovation, waste reduction and efficiency
4. Effective Risk management against pandemics and other crisis
5. Increased profitability due to increased reputation and consumer trust in the brand
6. Attractive work culture via social benefits and good employment practices

However many of these sustainability frameworks, tools, and certifications available are rarely interoperable as they each focus on a different sector. It is difficult to get a full breakdown of how sustainable a company is in terms of Environment, Social & Governance factors. Big companies are paying an average of US$425,000 per year for Sustainability reports as an assurance to its shareholders and stakeholders that they are doing their part to help with climate change. However these reports offer little opportunities for practical actions, but rather communicate superficial assurance of the company’s high viability to their shareholders and stakeholders. Hence most organizations end up approaching sustainability from a cost centric approach rather than a value centric approach.

As a result, despite the high availability of sustainability solutions, they do not have the opportunities and avenues to obtain funding for the commercialization of their solutions due to the high costs of validating the sustainability claims to corporates.

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